Nick Gibb: Exclusion is a necessary tool – but schools are handling behaviour better than ever before

Writing in the Huffington Post, schools minister Nick Gibb says that sometimes exclusions are necessary, and under government reforms teachers have greater powers to tackle bad behaviour.

…While exclusion is not a magic bullet, and we encourage schools to consider all options before deciding to exclude a child, it is a necessary power that head teachers need as a last resort. But thanks to our reforms teachers now have greater powers than ever before to tackle poor behaviour before it gets to the point where exclusion is necessary.

We have strengthened teachers’ rights to issue no-notice detentions, search for prohibited items and use reasonable force to remove children from classrooms. We have also made behaviour management a crucial part of a headteacher’s training.

Now we are going even further by appointing Tom Bennett, a world-renowned expert on pupil behaviour, to lead a group to look into the best approaches of ensuring teachers are fully trained to deal with unruly pupils.

But often headteachers decide that exclusion is necessary to allow their other hard-working children to fulfil their potential. We back them fully in these difficult decisions and have ensured they have the confidence to exclude pupils when this is necessary. To help this we have ended the unfair situation where a school’s decision to exclude an unruly child could be overturned based on technicalities by external panels.

This has ensured the authority of the school is no longer undermined, putting them firmly back in charge of exclusions. In the first year after we reformed exclusion decisions the number of pupils reinstated dropped by half in maintained schools, signalling the empowerment of schools over discipline…

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Your thoughts and reactions to these comments from Nick Gibb? Is he right about the impact of government reforms in this area?

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  1. jordyjax

    jordyjax on a side note love how Mail insists on referring to distinguished ‘behaviour Tsar’ tombennett71 as a ‘former n/club bouncer’ :))

  2. jordyjax

    jordyjax nobody worries about throwing all these kids tog in prus where WE are expected to not only improve behaviour but show acad prog!

  3. jordyjax

    tombennett71 haha!!! At least Nick loves you! ‘World- renowned expert’! ….if you want a pru person on your panel I am volunteering!! :))

  4. 5N_Afzal

    tombennett71 jordyjax Maybe you should invite the writer of that article to ResearchEd so he/she can learn a bit about research b4 publish

  5. jordyjax jordyjax Or all end up in one particular school which then gains a reputation as a sin bin and is rejected by parents.  And when Ofsted comes calling it’s judged RI or worse.

  6. MikeArmiger

    jordyjax I more than disagree! In fact I can prove he’s wrong in three counties! ‘Unofficial exclusions’ there’s no such thing!

  7. MikeArmiger

    jordyjax someone told me in June that if a child is sent home to prevent an exclusion then it’s not an exclusion. Work that one out?

  8. MikeArmiger

    jordyjax me too. It’s like saying ‘to prevent this glass from smashing, im going to drop it on the floor!’

  9. MikeArmiger

    ApexEducate jordyjax thankyou! Has the same effect in my opinion. Trust and relationships scatter far and wide!

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