Nick Gibb avoids revealing his stance on new grammar schools

The TES is reporting that Nick Gibb has refused to say whether he wants new grammar schools to open following the relaunch of a campaign to overturn the law banning them. 

Mr Gibb avoided revealing his stance on the controversial topic during a question and answer session with thousands of teachers this afternoon in Leeds. 

In the week that more than 100 Tory MPs have called for the law banning new grammar schools from opening to be repealed, Mr Gibb was giving little away when asked for his opinion on the matter. 

“My view is that those [163 grammar schools in this country] are very good, the law is very clear, and we want to encourage good schools to expand,” he said.

His cagey response comes on the same day that campaigners against grammar schools in Buckinghamshire have written to education secretary Justine Greening saying that selection at age 10 “damages the educational chances of the majority of children”.

Earlier this month, Ms Greening, who is the first education secretary to have attended a comprehensive school, said she was “open-minded” about a return to grammar schools.

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  1. Chris1434

    Does Nick Gibb support the creation of large numbers of schools where the less academic two thirds of the children are kept? You cannot talk about creating Grammar schools without recognising that 60% at least of children will not get there, and will no longer mix with academic peers. It is impossible to avoid thinking in terms of segregation by ability (and all too often by income/class) from the age of 11.
    How can social apartheid be a good thing? Is it right to make life-changing decisions based on ability to pass a test at age 11?

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