Nick Clegg says he might send his eldest son to a private school if that is what his wife wants

Nick Clegg today refused to rule out sending his children to a private secondary school. The Deputy Prime Minister said he would not overrule wife Miriam by turning his children’s education into a ‘political football’. He said he would only opt for a state school ‘if it works out’. This is from the Daily Mail…

The Clegg’s eldest son Antonio, 11, is due to start secondary school in September.

Alberto is at primary school and Miguel is due to start school next year. Miguel and Antonio attend a Catholic primary school.

‘My wife is Catholic and they’re brought up in her faith, and we’re looking, like all parents are at different options,’ Mr Clegg said during his weekly radio phone-in on LBC 97.3.

Asked whether Antonio would attend a private or state school, Mr Clegg replied: ‘Do you know the reason I’m not going to give you a full answer is I’ve never, ever, ever sought to make my children’s education or my children a political football.  I keep my children completely out of the public eye.

‘My own view is if we can, and if it works out to send them to a good state we will do so.

‘Like all parents who are sending their children to secondary school in London… as you know there is huge competition for places.

‘I’m not and I never have sought to if you like impose a decision on my wife as well as my son because of political reasons.  

‘But as I say they’re educated in the moment in the state sector, both our oldest children are and I will let you know as soon as a decision has been arrived at.’

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