Nick Clegg pledges free early years education for all

The Telegraph is reporting that Nick Clegg has announced working parents will receive 15 hours a week of free childcare for all children aged between 9 months and two years under Lib Dem plans…

This would save the average family over £2,600 per year, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Speaking in London, Mr Clegg set out the Liberal Democrat manifesto commitments on childcare, which also includes pledging to boost funding for preschool children from disadvantaged backgrounds and extending free early years education.

Currently, all three and four-year-olds in England, are entitled to 15 free hours of early education a week – an entitlement that is also extended to the poorest two-year-olds.

However, Mr Clegg said that the Liberal Democrats will provide 15 hours a week of free early years education to every family with a two year old…

He said that the Liberal Democrats will make 15 hours of free early years education available to all working parents from the end of their paid parental leave right through until their child is 2, and the existing provision begins.

In the speech to the Pre-School Learning Alliance, Mr Clegg also stated the party commitment to ensuring that every child in school is taught by a qualified teacher…


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