Nick Clegg: faith schools risk being ‘silos of segregation’

The Telegraph is reporting that Nick Clegg, who sends his son to a Roman Catholic comprehensive, has warned that faith schools must create a balanced intake to prevent themselves becoming “segregated” from society…

Faith schools must reach out to other religions to prevent themselves becoming “silos of segregation”, according to Nick Clegg.

The Deputy Prime Minister said the state should intervene to ensure faith schools do not become closed off from the rest of society.

Large numbers of schools with a religious ethos act as “engines of integration” by actively teaching about all faiths and allowing pupils with other beliefs to be admitted, he said.

But speaking to The Tablet, he insisted it was “legitimate to ask faith schools to reach out to other faiths and to other parts of the community” where they fail to create a good social mix.

The comments come amid controversy over the admissions policies employed by some Anglican, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim state schools…

Before the last general election, the Liberal Democrats had pledged to prevent faith schools from selecting children on the basis of their religion.

Asked if he had changed his mind over the issue since sending his son to a Catholic school, Mr Clegg, who is an atheist married to a Catholic, said: “I’ve always protected the right of faiths to establish faith schools.”

But he told The Tablet that the Government should intervene when faith schools fail to encourage integration…

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  1. getcarter66

    NigelUtton SchoolsImprove Faith Schools should regulated – and follow the national curriculum first. Faith is individual & personal..

  2. NigelUtton

    getcarter66 SchoolsImprove used to be head of one. Parents complained I was letting in undesirables from the council estate. #saysitall

  3. rhcaseby

    SchoolsImprove Our school StGregsOxford is fabulously diverse and didn’t need ‘state intervention’ to achieve that. Come and visit!

  4. LiterateCyNickS

    SchoolsImprove Man’s a genius! My kids’ CofE infants’ school was a hotbed of religious fundamentalism.. #SilosOfNonsense

  5. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove We live in a diverse society….and diversity in education is therefore natural. Don’t impose immoral secularism.

  6. LaCatholicState

    @getcarter66 NigelUttonSchoolsImprove Parents want schools that reflect their beliefs….not undermine them.  Nat Curriculum is sloppy and inadequate.

  7. GrahamBett

    SchoolsImprove Hardly a ‘risk’. With some exceptions, it’s the point of religious schools. We could learn from France.

  8. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove It was completely wrong to foist a bland secular education on a nation of Christian children (if even nominally so).

  9. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove It would be a complete injustice for Catholic schools to turn away Catholic pupils…..and give their places to others.

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