New study examines whether starting school later in the day may help GCSE pupils

ITV reports that some GCSE students are to test whether starting school at 10am could help them perform better at school.

Sleeping in late is seen as a rite of passage for teenagers, and now a new trial will examine whether deviating from traditional early start times in schools could help benefit a teenager’s school work and well-being.

Experts from the universities of Birmingham, Oxford and Aberdeen are recruiting schools to take part in the study.

The trial will look at teenagers’ sleep patterns and test whether a later school start time could benefit them.

Professor Paul Montgomery, lead researcher from the University of Birmingham, said:

“We want people to be aware that sleep deprivation in adolescents is a real problem which affects their functioning, their wellbeing and even their academic performance.

We want to work with schools, with parents, pupils, teachers, head teachers, support staff, local education authorities and civil servants to run a number of studies to find out what the ideal starting time is, and how schools can manage this.”

The sleep study will focus on GCSE students from years 10 and 11 and the researchers are recruiting secondary schools across the UK to take part in the study.
Logistically difficult and taking a lot of  commitment form the school and parents, would it be worth it?  Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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  1. Ballyclarian

    Unfortunately there will be a further knock on impact on the work life balance of teachers as in my experience most teachers will be in school by 7.00 -7.30 so this would mean more people travelling at conjested Peak times to get in for 8.30- 9.00, and then leaving even later The reality is the research would need to analyse long term patterns. If the students end up staying up even later as they know they will have to be in school for 10, this could potentially prove ineffectual after the aclimatisation period.
    Also unfortuantely one of the realities of the world of work,or apprenticeships is the ability to get up in the morning and discipline yourself to get there on time. The focus needs to be on parents to ensure their sons and daughters have a proper bedtime routine( and put the mobile devices in the box / turn of the wireless etc) from an early age so sleep deprivation isnt an issue.

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