New standards for pre-school teachers

Early years teachers will need to have the same level of qualifications as those working in primary schools in the future under plans to reform pre-school education, it has been announced. This is from the Guardian…

Teachers working with young children will be expected to meet new standards similar to those that classroom staff are expected to meet, the Department for Education (DfE) said.

They will also be expected to pass the same literacy and numeracy tests taken by trainee teachers. The move is part an overhaul of childcare qualifications that ministers say will help raise standards for young children. Under the reforms, pre-school staff will either be early years teachers or early years educators.

From next September, early years teachers will be expected to be educated to the same level as a primary school teacher, while educators will be asked to hold a qualification equivalent to an A-level.

Charlie Taylor, chief executive of the National College of Teaching and Leadership, said: “There is nothing more important in early education and childcare than the quality of the staff who are delivering it. The workforce supporting our babies, young children and their parents should be well qualified, well respected and well led.”

Education minister Elizabeth Truss said: “Good quality early years education, which is teacher-led, has been shown to be beneficial for children, especially those from low-income backgrounds. It makes a difference to young children’s lives and enables them to learn and grow.”

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  1. LeilaGhaddab

    SchoolsImprove of course they should be qualified. But they should be PAID as qualified people. It isn’t easier to teach nursery.

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