New Scottish Curriculum for Excellence workload ‘too high’, EIS union survey warns

More than 80% of nursery and primary school teachers in Scotland have warned of high workloads as a result of the new Curriculum for Excellence, a union has claimed. This is from the BBC…

An Educational Institute of Scotland poll also suggests half of teachers had little confidence in new assessments.

Union president Susan Quinn said teachers spent too much time “jumping through hoops of red-tape”.

The Scottish government said the system was not overly complex, but said it was taking staff concerns seriously.

The curriculum for excellence (CfE) is the national curriculum for Scottish schools for students aged three to 18. It began to be phased in to schools in 2010.

The survey by Scotland’s largest teaching union, the EIS, asked about 4,000 teachers – mainly nursery and primary teachers – for their experience of moving to the new curriculum.

Results showed that more than 80% thought the increase in workload was “high” or “very high”.

More than half were “barely confident” or “not confident at all” about assessments associated with the system.

And almost two-thirds described a tick-box approach to measuring progress as “unhelpful” or “not useful at all”.

Ms Quinn, who is also a primary school headteacher, said: “It was interesting to note just last week that the head of Education Scotland’s team of school inspectors was critical of growing levels of bureaucratic red-tape and paperwork imposed on teachers in the name of CfE.

“Clearly, this is not what CfE is supposed to be about, and the heavy levels of recording and reporting being demanded in some local authorities are having an impact on the time available for learning and teaching.

“The increasing workload demands being placed on teachers in all sectors is an issue of major concern for the EIS, as such increases are bad for both teachers and pupils.”

She said the EIS was launching a campaign to address the issue of growing teacher workloads.

Teachers said they were spending more and more time on paperwork and administration.

Almost half of respondents thought the amount of forward planning in schools was “excessive”.

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If you’re in Scotland please let us know your experiences of the new curriculum. Are the concerns raised in this article valid? Is it inevitable there will be an increase in workload when changes are introduced but they can still be the right thing in the longer term or are there more fundamental problems with CfE?

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