Scotland’s new school meal plan aims to ‘inspire’ healthy eating

The BBC is reporting that new guidance which aims to teach children healthy eating habits has been published by the Scottish government…

It aims to ensure schools instil children with healthy eating habits into children which will last through adulthood.

Among the recommendations are that school meals should include fresh local produce with menus that “inspire” children to eat healthily.

The guidance was produced by an expert working group in tandem with councils.

Among the measures outlined in the report are:

  • All food served in schools should promote healthy eating
  • School meals should champion fresh, local, seasonable produce
  • Caterers and teaching staff should collaborate on food education to improve the diets of children and young people
  • Everyone involved in school food provision should understand the need for inspiring menus which take into account nutrition, health and environmental impacts
  • Feedback from children and young people should inform school food and education
  • All staff involved in school food provision and food education should have the opportunity to undertake professional training in food, health, and the environment.

The report was welcomed by Education Secretary Michael Russell, who said: “The Scottish government is committed to providing high quality school meals and this new guidance sets out how we will go about achieving this…”

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Any comments or feedback on the aims reported from this guidance? Which aspects do you think will actually make a difference and how much of a danger is there that healthy meals result in students going elsewhere? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…

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