New school funding formula delayed until 2018

TES is reporting that the introduction of a new school funding formula will be delayed until 2018-19, education secretary Justine Greening has announced.

The Department for Education had previously said the new formula, which will change the way the national schools budget is distributed across the country, would be in place by 2017-18.

“This is an important reform, which will fairly and transparently allocate funding on the basis of schools’ and children’s actual needs, rather than simply on historic levels of funding tied to out of date local information,” Ms Greening’s statement said.

“Given the importance of consulting widely and fully with the sector and getting implementation right, the new system will apply from 2018-19.”

She said: “I will publish the government’s full response to the first stage of the schools and high needs consultations and set out my proposals for the second stage once Parliament returns in the autumn.

“We will run a full consultation, and make final decisions early in the new year.”

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  1. Julie_Cordiner

    Very disappointing that DfE couldn’t get the analysis done while there was a gap in policy activity during purdah for the EU referendum and end the uncertainty for schools. Those expecting to gain will have yet another year’s wait.
    It’s to be hoped that this gives time for more money to be found to avoid robbing deprived children of the support they so desperately need. If DfE recognises some areas are geniunely underfunded, they should provide the money to address it, otherwise it isn’t fair funding at all.
    And while they are at it, they need to fund genuine rising SEND demand – not to do so is discrimination.

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