New rule change allows schools to remove school governors for first time.

The Telegraph reports that they are the unsung heroes of education, selflessly giving up their time to serve their local community. But the genteel world of school governors has been shaken by new regulations which gives schools the power to forcibly remove them from office.

The new powers, which were introduced quietly by the Department for Education last month, have long been campaigned for by head teachers who say that “rogue” governors have for too long had a free reign to act with impunity.

Under current regulations, only appointed parent governors can be removed. But as of September, all governors can be forcibly removed if there is a majority vote by the rest of the board.

Ian Hartwright, a sernior policy advisor at the National Association of Head teachers (NAHT) said: “We have long campaigned for better accountability for individual governors, where their actions might be damaging to the school.”

“In the worst cases the destructive behaviour of individual governors have damaged the education of children, while the careers, lives and health of school leaders have been chronically affected,” he said.

Gillian Allcroft, deputy chief executive of the National Governance Association (NGA), said that they supported the change as they recognised to deal with those who are “adversely affecting effective governance”.

In the wake of the Trojan Horse scandal – an alleged plot hatched by hard line Islamists to take over schools in Birmingham – governors were barred from office under the Education and Skills Act 2008, which requires an intervention from the Education Secretary.  

But under the new regulations, each individual school would have the power to remove its governors by a simple majority vote from the rest of the governing board.

An explanatory note issued by the Department for Education, said: 

 “We think this is an important last resort to ensure governing bodies can function effectively, focusing on their core strategic functions and reducing time wasted in prolonged disputes.”

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Are ‘rouge’ governors a problem in your area? Will this regulation help? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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  1. Karen Marr

    Misleading headline – surely it should be Governing Boards given new powers to remove governors? This makes it sound like it is the head’s decision….

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