New Poll: Do you think student well-being should be included within league table results?

To try and gauge the reality of students’ mental well-being it has been suggested that we should include students well-being in league table results. 

Do you agree?


Do you think students' well-being should be included within league table results?

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  1. H2012Mrs

    SchoolsImprove Yes-but how do you do that when the testing that produces results for league tables is what is affecting student wellbeing?

  2. ian Crawford

    More hoops for teachers to jump through…. A hoop beyond the control of the school ….. Impossible to define….. Easy to manipulate.
    Of course student well being should be a priority but let’s not waste time trying to measure and manipulate it.

  3. james_wilding

    Recent research from UCL IoE highlights there is little correlation between well being and poor mental health. There is little purpose in trying to measure one element of the health spectrum. What about body shaming the obese? Or racially stereotypIng the poor learning of nonenglish speakers.

  4. thiskidsthinkin

    Not a bad idea, as long as it is administered correctly. What school wants to admit their students have higher than normal levels of depression for example. Bad grades are one thing, they can be changed as someone gets older and maybe does evening courses to continue their education and advance. Having problems with mental health is a lot harder to combat.

  5. VictoriaJaquiss

    This is completely unmeasurable, and would of course lead to schools (and the inappropriately named academies) rejecting any students with known mental health issues, just as they already reject those with learning or behaviour difficulties.
    It is League tables themselves that are the problem. They should be there for sport, for fun. They have no place in education. I have seen great schools doing wonderful things for children with mental health issues and living in challenging circumstances, who are publicly rubbished and humiliated by the existence of these stupid tables. Great teachers who go on to suffer mental health issues themselves. And then of course are not able to support the most vulnerable children who desperately the sort of care that these most amazing and under-rated of teachers once provided. Think I have made my point!

  6. thiskidsthinkin

    VictoriaJaquiss You make a good point. Too much emphasis on academia because of league tables stressing young people out, some to the point of suicide. Parents can also push too hard and add to the stress. 
    No child is interested in every single subject or can do well in everything. Every child has a talent and as long as they are encouraged to follow their talent, they’ll be fine. Be that in a trade, the arts, a profession, or simply that bubbly woman in the shop that brightens up everyone’s day!

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