New poll: Do you think smoking should be banned outside schools?

Should be smoking be allowed outside of schools in the UK?

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Sophie: We have already banned smoking in cars where children are passengers and smoking in public places, this isn’t much different. Second hand smoke can cause a variety of respiratory problems, especially in children’s lungs that are much more fragile than ours. We can’t stop parents smoking around their children when they get home, but we should make sure children can avoid the smoke should they wish/need to. Currently this is unavoidable when parents are smoking at the school gates. 

Meena: Why shouldn’t people be allowed to smoke outside of schools? It’s a public place and children can’t always be kept bubble-wrapped throughout their lives. If they don’t see it outside school then they will see it from their family, family friends, online, on TV and in movies. Instead of shielding them from things, such as smoking, why don’t we teach them the consequences and implications to their health and let them make their own decisions?


Do you agree or disagree?


Do you think smoking should be banned outside schools?

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