New poll finds apprenticeships have an ‘image problem’

ITV News are reporting that those aged 18-24 are the least likely age group to see the merit of an apprenticeship.

The survey was commissioned by employment specialists Reed in Partnership, and qualifications body NCFE. Reed and NCFE say they now want to see the following steps made to address the findings of their report:

  • Careers advice should promote alternative options to university, such as apprenticeships. It should begin at an earlier age and young people must be informed of the progression routes within industries if they choose a vocational path.
  • Increased employer engagement with schools is key to improving the perception of apprenticeships among young people. This should be encouraged by national government policy, but with a flexible model that encourages local partnerships.
  • Government should seek to increase the minimum wage for apprenticeships to the same as other workers in order to boost the image of apprenticeships.

“Apprenticeships continue to suffer from an image problem compared to Higher Education. The young people the Government wants to consider taking up apprenticeships are the least likely age group to view them favourably.”– Reed in Partnership Managing Director Martin Fallon

More at: New poll finds apprenticeships have an ‘image problem’

What do you think can be done to improve public opinion on apprenticeships? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Nellie

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  1. gov2

    Perhaps those aged 18-24 are most aware of how often ‘apprenticeships’ consist of (i) no or very low pay for doing someone else’s full job while the person actually being paid to do the job laughs and (ii) then being sent back to the Jobcentre to carry on being officially unemployed.

  2. miss_downes

    SchoolsImprove really disappointing to hear negative comments about #apprenticeships thePA_CT ours are FAB U0001f31fU0001f31fU0001f31f keep it up! Go MissPESage

  3. This is the age group that is constantly told that university is what they should aspire to.  Hardly surprising if they think apprenticeships are second best alternatives for those not bright enough (or not aspirational enough) to go to uni.

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