New law will let councils opt out of child protection rules

The Independent is reporting that a new government bill will allow to councils to opt out of child protection rules.

A Government Bill is to give local councils unprecedented new powers to opt out of child protection laws, leading children’s charities to warn that vulnerable children could suffer. 

The Children and Social Work Bill, which is currently before Parliament, would give ministers the power to exempt local councils from legal duties to children in social care. This includes children under the supervision of social workers and those living in care homes or foster homes.

The change means decades of child protection laws could be ignored by councils who argue they have better – or cheaper – solutions. 40 charities, including Liberty, Women’s Aid and the Howard League for Penal Reform have joined forces to oppose what they call the “dangerous” plans. 

It raises the prospect of a big difference in the quality of child protection across the country, with different councils adopting different measures.

A Department for Education spokesperson told The Independent: “We are committed to making sure every child has the best possible start in life and this Bill will help to make this a reality.”

More at: New law will let councils opt out of child protection rules

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  1. GodSquadandMe

    SchoolsImprove unbelievable. Many young children in social care are high risk CSE & missing periods – should be increasing child prot!

  2. How can making authorities exempt of laws which protect the vulnerable actually help the vulnerable?   Classic case of doublespeak from this Government.  And May talks about a country that works for everyone.  Not if you’re a child in the care of local authorities, apparently.

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