New further education tsar will have power to close failing colleges

Following yesterday’s post about reforms and greater intervention for further education colleges, the Telegraph has reported that a new further education tsar is to be appointed with the power to close failing colleges amid claims that 1.5 million students are receiving substandard tuition. This is from the Telegraph…

The Government said an “FE Commissioner” would be established as part of sweeping reforms to post-16 education in England.

Almost one-in-20 colleges are currently branded “inadequate” – Ofsted’s lowest rating – and ministers said the new watchdog would be handed a series of powers designed to drive up standards.

For the first time, it will be able to take over colleges, sack the governing body and even close down the worst-performing institutions.

The move comes as part of a wider “skills strategy” designed to ensure more young people receive the education needed to get good jobs and help drive the economy.

It also emerged that £214m of funding would be made available to rebuild or refurbish 47 further education colleges.

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