New baby boom will hit hopes of place at a first-choice school

The Times is reporting that fewer children are likely to get into their first choice of secondary school from next year as the start of a baby boom brings a squeeze on places…

…Parents with children in Year 6 found out this week which secondary school they will attend from September. In some areas the national trend in recent years has been for more being given their preferred option. This has coincided with a fall in the number of children aged 10 and 11.

This decline has slowed, and the number of children in that age group will jump by 20,000 next year — a rise of 3.5 per cent. Once today’s six-year-olds reach secondary school, the year group will have increased by about 80,000.

Malcolm Trobe, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “The Government needs a strategic plan to ensure there are sufficient school places in areas of need. This growth will not be spread evenly across the country, and London and the South East are already seeing large increases. That will move to other parts of the country…”

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What will be the impact of increased competition for places at secondary schools? Will we see more lotteries and banding schemes to handle admissions and will parents have to comes to terms with the idea that choice is not a given? Please give us your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter…

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