New approach to teacher recruitment could allow criminals into schools

The government’s decision to allow individual schools to recruit teachers in lieu of recruitment specialists means 1,500 teachers with criminal convictions applied for jobs last year, according to TLTP Education. This is from the Information Daily

The London Teaching Pool (TLTP Education), a leading UK education recruitment company, has raised fears that the recruitment of teachers by individual schools means that stringent candidate suitability checks are not being carried out.

A report by the Daily Mail alleged that candidates for teaching jobs last year included 1,500 people with criminal convictions, including serious offences such as attempted murder, ABH, burglary and sexual offences.

TLTP’s Managing Director, Darryl Mydat blames “the government’s flagship reform of teacher training”, which he says puts “the onus on schools to recruit new staff through the School Direct programme”, meaning that many of the precautions that recruitment specialists take are not being carried out.

“TLTP and other reputable educational recruitment agencies undertake, as a matter of course, a full background check on all candidates”, he says.

“This includes enhanced CRB checks, checks against List 99 for people deemed not suitable to work with children in schools, a minimum of two references, photo ID checks, confirmation of their right to work, checks on utility bills and passports, with the General Teaching Council or similar and that’s outside of our mandatory face to face interviews.

“Schools have neither the time nor the capacity to be that thorough.”

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Do you agree that direct recruitment of teaching staff by individual schools and through the School Direct programme will mean proper suitability tests are not always carried out? Or is this scaremongering by a vested interest? Please share your thoughts in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. JanetMathew

    Every school I have worked at I have had to go through an Enhanced CRB check as they can’t be transferred.

  2. BramRaider

    SchoolsImprove Because as a report you quoted earlier this week, that’s not been happening,has it?
    Even criminal headteachers as I remember

  3. McGDJ

    SchoolsImprove we’ve been recruiting our own staff for years – like other schools we do all the rigorous checks needed. 1/2

  4. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove This is utter rubbish. Most schools recruit own teachers & rigerous checks are made, references, CRB etc.

  5. edujdw

    Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove a bigger problem is schools checking qualifications especially validity of overseas degrees and English equiv.

  6. Organic_Jane

    edujdw SchoolsImprove Yes & we have to do it. Good admin needed. This is another reason schools have School Business Managers now.

  7. NQTCareers

    Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove edujdw with EEA applicants and those from NZ, AUS & CAN this can be done by the NCTL & QTS awarded

  8. Organic_Jane

    NQTCareers SchoolsImprove edujdw Have to say we haven’t had anyone outside of those but would check/get advice if we did.

  9. NQTCareers

    Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove edujdw Is fairly simple for those areas and even further a field can be verified via UK NARIC

  10. edujdw

    NQTCareers Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove Many know that uni check qualifications so they look only at QTS and assume degree is correct

  11. NQTCareers

    edujdw Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove Ah valid point and One we have had to address in the past. Rogue qualifications are slowly declining.

  12. edujdw

    NQTCareers Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove glad that’s your experience. My concern is if schools take on non QTS ‘teachers’.

  13. NQTCareers

    edujdw Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove I see where you are coming from, is something schools need to be informed of.

  14. Organic_Jane

    edujdw NQTCareers SchoolsImprove Not going to happen in our school. Our parents & govs would not tolerate non QTS & rightly so.

  15. KathrinaPerry

    Organic_Jane edujdw NQTCareers SchoolsImprove I’m non qts but have qtls. Does that mean I shouldn’t be tolerated

  16. andrew_1910

    NQTCareers edujdw Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove Globally, rogue qualifications are increasing. Accredibase provide good checking service.

  17. edujdw

    KathrinaPerry Organic_Jane NQTCareers SchoolsImprove not at all, qtls is now accepted as equiv to qts in many subjects.

  18. edujdw

    andrew_1910 NQTCareers Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove interesting. Spotting fakes was easy, getting more different with modern tech.

  19. andrew_1910

    edujdw NQTCareers Organic_Jane SchoolsImprove More identity fraud as well. Another sector but I’ve unearthed 3 cases recently.

  20. NQTCareers

    KathrinaPerry Organic_Jane edujdw SchoolsImprove not at all QTLS is recognised as QTS equivalent with IfL registration

  21. KathrinaPerry

    NQTCareers SchoolsImprove Organic_Jane edujdw but in some cases it shouldn’t be. I know tutors with no degree who have it

  22. NQTCareers

    KathrinaPerry SchoolsImprove Organic_Jane edujdw We would check that as standard & query those cases. How is that possible?

  23. Organic_Jane

    KathrinaPerry edujdw NQTCareers SchoolsImprove Not at all, just that our school wouldn’t take you as class teacher but as support.

  24. KathrinaPerry

    NQTCareers Organic_Jane edujdw SchoolsImprove it’s through an agency so ongoing. It’s quite flexible so I can hopefully set up workshops

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