Naughty girls ‘more likely to get away with misbehaving’, study shows

The Telegraph is reporting that a new study shows that girls are more likely to get away with misbehaving as it impacts their performance less. 

The research, by Brown University, found that behavioural problems at four or five years of age are more likely to have a long term impact on the exams results of boys than girls. They argued this is partly because of the way their behaviour is treated by teachers.

Professor Jayanti Owens, author of the report, said: “Although the same behaviours have a worse impact on boys’ education, it is also the case that on average boys start school with higher levels of behavioural problems than girls.”

“That boys typically have worse behaviours when they start school may help explain why their behaviours are more detrimental to achievement – stereotypes about boys’ bad behaviour may cause educators to take more and harsher actions against male students.”

“This process may lead to a compounding and cyclical relationship between boys’ behaviour problems and lower achievement.” 

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