My strict school uniform policy prevents chaos in the classroom – and society

There are two purposes to school uniform. One is to allow children to be children. Children love to rebel, and a uniform gives them the opportunity to rebel without endangering themselves. So, they’ll pull their ties down or untuck their shirts to be rebellious, making carrying a knife or having a serious fight far less likely. Katharine Birbalsingh, headteacher at Britain’s ‘strictest school’, explains why a consistent school uniform is essential in keeping students on the right path in the Telegraph

The other purpose of a uniform is to unite the school. In the same way that the England football team all wear the same uniform, it’s because they’re a team: they have the same goals. A uniform makes the school stronger and gives us all a sense of purpose, which will enable our children to be more resilient and more determined later in life. 

If there aren’t consistent expectations around uniform, children can spin out of control because they don’t know what to expect. At Michaela, the expectation is that pupils should comply with our uniform. We hold children to account if they do not. Parents support this – they want their children to learn what it is to be obedient because there are real problems in the inner city and families don’t want their children getting involved in gangs. 

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