My letter to education…

My name is Billy Moore. I am 16-years-old and for the past eight years I have been home educated. This is my letter to education…in SecEd.

I have often felt the need to justify “why” I have been a home-schooled student of the world for the past eight years of my life.

I want to redefine a word that is commonly misused and over-looked – “education”. In fact I am correcting the definition, bringing it back to where it was born. I believe that the word has been lost in translation over many years now.

My definition of the word education would more likely involve a series of experiences, throughout the journey of life – experience being the greatest teacher of all, bar none.

In fact, I do not class myself as being a “home-educated” student, I am a student of the world. I am the youngest of four, in a family of six. We are all very close in age, from the eldest at 21 to little old me at 16. And we’ve all been “unconventionally educated”.

Our curriculum consists of many different forms and methods of teaching. At the top of the priority list was always experience – to learn, to understand and to grow. And it is not just about intellect, but also emotional intelligence.

From the time I left school, my already moulded and disillusioned perspective on the world started to change. I once felt boundaries between adults and myself, gradually this mind-set changed. 

My opinions were never told to be wrong. I was just shown other points of view. My intellect was never categorised or graded. Any genre of conversation was always suitable and all voices would be heard. There has been no standardised testing and we have disregarded the one hat fits all approach that can so often be found as an underlying methodology in the formal education system.

Let’s question secondary education and our curriculum. Too often, the school system creates workers instead of entrepreneurial styles of thinking. The gift that home education has offered me is “perspective”, and not just any perspective. It is a unique perspective that only a tiny minority of students can bring to the world.

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