Guest Post: The music service revolutionising primary education.

EVERY TEACHER TODAY will be able to recall their own music lessons at school. Invariably, these memories will either involve long, dry theory lessons or the sense that music lessons were only relevant to those with access to traditional instruments such as the violin, clarinet and cello.

This is a sponsored guest post by Rocksteady

With a focus on making music fun, relevant and accessible to all children, Rocksteady music school is leading a revolution in the way that music is being taught and enjoyed in primary schools.

Founded in 2007, Rocksteady’s highly-trained team of musicians are currently tutoring 10,000 children between the ages of four and eleven and at more than 350 primary schools.

The essence of the Rocksteady experience is that children are introduced to the joy of making music from within the more contemporary and vibrant set-up of a rock or pop band. Not only does this bring music to vivid life for them, but it also encourages team-work, resilience and communication.

The start of the process is when a Rocksteady team is invited into a school to run a free music assembly for every pupil. In these lively, fast-paced and inspirational sessions, children are brought together into bands and shown just how much can be accomplished in a half-hour.

If the school choose to ask Rocksteady back, parents can sign up their children to ongoing, affordable and weekly Rocksteady-led music lessons. Through the course of these, children choose their preferred instrument, choose a band name, and progress through Rocksteady’s enjoyment-based coaching and rehearsal sessions to making their own music. Ultimately, they then get to perform this to their teachers, fellow pupils and parents at a special end-of-term concert.

Rocksteady provides all of the instruments, including Fender electric guitars, Yamaha drum-kits and keyboards and Spider vocal microphones.

Overall, the Rocksteady programme has demonstrable and wide-ranging benefits. Participating schools have their offering enhanced and in way that improves pupils’ academic and social skills. Parents can witness the satisfaction, confidence and sense of accomplishment their child derives from learning new skills. Most importantly, for the children it is an opportunity to work, learn, have fun and create together and in a way that is as cool as it is boundless.

To find out more about Rocksteady or to book an inspiring, free assembly, please email your name and school to: 


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