Mums scramble for top nursery places when they are just 12 weeks pregnant

The Evening Standard is reporting that the pressure to win places in top London nurseries is now so fierce expectant mothers are registering their babies before they are three months pregnant…

Women who wait until they are eight months pregnant are being told they are too late to secure a place and are put on a waiting list instead.

Experts said the new obsession with getting into the “best” nurseries is caused by pressure on primary school places filtering down into the nursery sector. Parents believe they must choose the correct nursery for their child to have a chance of getting into the most prestigious schools…

Alison Fisher, headmistress of Broadhurst School in Hampstead, one of the most popular nurseries in London, said many women register with her before they have told their families they are pregnant. In one case a woman tried to register before she had conceived.

Mrs Fisher said: “She said she was ‘hoping’ to get pregnant and asked if she could put her name down. I said ‘No. Not until your pregnancy has been confirmed’…”

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Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this one – what would you suggest?

I mean, what is going on when people are so concerned about – ultimately – getting their children into the ‘right’ school that they are trying to register them for nurseries before they have even conceived? 

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  1. brighton118

    SchoolsImprove – It’s not news either. Been happening for years – some nurseries in Brighton used to be like that !

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