Mum wants to pull her 11-year-old son out of school over 24-hour charity video game marathon

The Bristol Post is reporting that a local parent is considering taking her 11-year-old son out of his secondary school after learning he was being encouraged to take part in a 24 hour video game marathon.

The mum, who does not wish to be named for fear of there being a backlash on her son, said she thinks it is a poor choice by staff at Aston Park school in Bower Ashton.

The charity event allows pupils to stay up for 24 hours, after a full school day.

They spend the time watching films, which are all age appropriate, or playing video games. These are also age appropriate.

The concerned mother, who says she is currently looking for a school with a space in Year 7 for her son so she can move him.

She said: “I just think that it cannot be good for children as young as 11 to be encouraged to play computer games for 24 hours.

“And my son has come home with a letter, saying he has expressed interest. I feel as though the school has encouraged pupils to take part in this without speaking to parents.

“And I dread to think what lengths the student will go to, to stay up. They might be trying to sneak energy drinks in.

“And what effect does staying up for 24 hours have on their health.?”

The school plans to host the game and film marathon on Thursday March 24, starting at 4pm. It means the marathon will end on Good Friday afternoon.

Including the previous school day most pupils will have been awake for in excess of 30 hours.

However, the school has confirmed the marathon – which is to raise money for communities in Kenya with which they work closely – is completely safe, and monitored by staff.

This is the sixth year the school have hosted the event, which usually attracts between 30 and 50 pupils out of the 1200 who attend the school…

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There’s a full statement from the school in the original article but what do you make of the principles involved here?

I remember doing 24-hour 5-a-side football when I was at school and it was a lot of fun but do you have sympathy with the mother here?

Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. thiskidsthinkin

    Novel way of collecting money for charity. I’d assume from the timing it coincides with holidays? My daughter would love that, especially if it was minecraft! Come to think of it, I’d probably quite enjoy that too…

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