Mum of teen found hanged days before 16th birthday believes he was ‘assaulted by teachers’

The Mirror is reporting that an inquest has heard a teenager found hanged days before his 16th birthday had not attended school for two years and was allegedly assaulted by his teachers…

Jake Dunstan was found unconscious in his bedroom in February this year.

His mum Dawn claimed three alleged assaults on her son by teachers at St Catherine’s Academy in Bolton, Greater Manchester, could have been partly responsible for his death…

Bolton’s Safeguarding Children Board has now commissioned a serious case review into his death.

But Claire Wilkinson, HR director at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy, said the school had no record of a meeting Miss Dunstan claimed had taken place between her, the PE teacher and Jake’s head of year to resolve the alleged assault.

She said: “The only record is an indication that an assault was brought up by Miss Dunstan in September 2013, when she spoke to a teacher who came to visit the home.

“This related to an incident involving a French teacher who is no longer in the school’s employment which occurred during the previous academic year.”

…Recording a verdict of misadventure, Bolton area coroner Alan Walsh said: “The family brought to my attention three incidents involving members of staff at Bolton St Catherine’s Academy.

“I find no evidence in relation to two of these incidents.

“There is evidence in relation to one, but that would have pre-dated 2013 and this was dealt with by the school and resolved.

“I am disappointed that the school was unable to tell me about it, however I take the view that that was a very long time ago…”

After the inquest, Miss Dunstan said: “Why are there no records of the assaults at the school?

“I still believe that it had an impact on Jake’s death…”

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