Mum homeschools her children by letting them play computer games for 7 hours a day

The Mirror is reporting on a mother who is homeschooling her children with a rather unusual method.

And parenting expert Tanith Carey said: “This sounds unhealthy – screens are like crack to children. It might sound radical and free thinking but computers are highly addictive to children.”

But full-time mum Katie Pybus insisted: “My children will look back and realise they’ve had a lovely, free childhood.

“I’m led by what they want to do and I don’t restrict screen time. I haven’t formally taught them English and Maths but they’ve learned lots about spelling and number manipulation through games.”

Katie added: “I joke that you can always tell a child who plays Minecraft because the bricks are arranged in multiples of eight, so they can do their 64 times table.

“They are not phased by big numbers because they haven’t had the negative maths experiences others have had at school.

“Etienne, who is dyslexic, didn’t want to read books but when I started playing Clash of Clans with him he wanted to help me type messages to his friends.”

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Whilst I do not doubt that there are some educational games out there, and the children will learn basic English through messaging others online, they are missing out on some very vital parts of education. Their twice-weekly excursions with the other home-schooled children in the town does not make up for the amount of social interaction they are lacking. Lastly, without taking any GCSEs, they will be at a disadvantage when they come to look for jobs in the future. ~ Sophie

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