MSPs want assurances on Scotland’s new National exams

According to The Scotsman, MSPs are demanding assurances from the Scottish Government that pupils will not be penalised if their schools are unprepared for the new National exams they will sit next summer…

Around 65,000 pupils in S4 are currently studying for the Nationals. The first candidates are due to sit the exams – which are a replacement for the Standard Grades – in April.

However, there is growing disquiet that many classes are not ready for the assessments after it emerged that prelims, which are usually sat in November or December, have been delayed until a month before the final exam in some schools. Opposition MSPs said it was time for education secretary Mike Russell to provide a “cast iron assurance” that the first new school exams for a generation will take account of some schools being better prepared than others.

Some teachers have privately admitted that examiners will be forced to “massage” some pupils’ results to obscure the difficulties some schools have experienced in preparing for the Nationals.

The National 4 and National 5 were introduced at the start of the school year and replaced Standard Grades, which had been in place since the 1980s.

Last night, Scottish Labour’s education spokeswoman Kezia Dugdale said the Scottish Government had failed to listen to the warnings from teachers…

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How do you see the situation on the ground? Has your /your child’s school delayed prelims and do you feel students will be adequately prepared for the new exams? Please give us your feedback in the comments or via Twitter…

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