MPs reiterate calls for sex and relationship education taught in all schools

The BBC is reporting that four key Commons committees are asking the education secretary to make Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education compulsory in schools.

The education, health, home affairs and business committee chairmen want PSHE, which covers sex education, made statutory in primaries and secondaries.

In a letter to Nicky Morgan, they express concern at her failure to respond to various committees’ calls…

While PSHE education is not part of the statutory national curriculum, which means there is no national programme of study for the subject, the Department for Education say schools should teach it to pupils.

Schools are also required to have a policy on sex and relationship education which is made available to parents, and for inspection, which must set out how this is provided, monitored and evaluated…

The chairmen’s letter said: “We write to express our disappointment with your response so far to the issue of the statutory status for PSHE and sex and relationships education in schools.

“PSHE is a crucial part of preparing young people for life. It can provide them with the knowledge and confidence to make decisions which affect their health, well-being and relationships, now and in the future.

“It can develop the skills and attributes needed to secure employment and can help protect young people from abuse in many forms.”…

More at MPs want sex and relationship education taught in all schools


Read or download the letter signed by Neil Carmichael, Dr Sarah Wollaston, Keith Vaz and Iain Wright:

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These calls keep on getting louder – do you expect Nicky Morgan to agree?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Whilst a fair request what do they think most schools do in PSHE? It’s what Ofsted are actually for, enforcing it’s taught

  2. melanie_coxon

    SchoolsImprove PSHE must not disappear from curriculums..for some CYP its the only correct information they receive.. Let’s stop CSE..!!

  3. andylutwyche SchoolsImprove If it’s not statutory, there’s no legal obligation for schools to teach it.  Academies, remember, have freedom to opt out of any national curriculum.  Judging schools on academic results alone means that some schools don’t bother with anything which won’t be assessed or just pay lip service (eg saying they cover PSHE in tutorials rather than having it delivered by properly trained teachers).

  4. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Sex ed should be an opt in subject if not banned altogether. Every STD clinic in the country is filled with sex ed pupils

  5. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove For goodness sake, Nikky don’t give in to these people. Design PSHE into the school’s culture…don’t make it a subject

  6. peterabarnard

    Johnthe14th SchoolsImprove Good stuff. Let schools do their work and let kids grow-up without teachers / parents doing each other’s jobs

  7. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove MPs really are ill-advised, and should but out of school and family partnership. It is MPs who need relationship education

  8. Nairb1

    You can’t beat a bit of ignorance. The Catholic Church has relied on it for keeping people in their place for centuries. Personally I’m not convinced that things will improve massively if young people become even less well informed and are denied crucial information and support.

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