MPs to investigate running of multi-academy trusts

The TES is reporting that politicians have opened an inquiry into the performance, accountability and governance of multi-academy trusts.

The House of Commons education committee said that the trusts currently operate with relatively little scrutiny.

Neil Carmichael, chair of the committee, said: “Some MATs and academies deliver great results for their pupils. But it’s important that all academies and MATs meet the highest educational standards.”…

The new parliamentary inquiry will examine the role and governance of MATs, with the aim of ensuring that academy chains are held to account…

The committee has said that it wants to:

  • Map the current MAT landscape, including numbers, size and geographical spread of MATs.
  • Look at the characteristics of high-performing MATs.
  • Review how the performance of MATs should be assessed.
  • Ensure that the workings of the “middle tier” of management, between government and individual schools, is transparent.
  • Examine how many decisions are made at chain level and how many at individual school level.
  • Question how the expansion of MATs should be monitored and managed…

More at MPs to investigate running of multi-academy trusts


See more on this directly from the education select committee (including a link to send a written submission) at: Multi-academy trusts inquiry launch


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  1. Nairb1

    ‘Some MATS and academies deliver great results for their pupils ..’
    True, but that statement implies that the results of those schools is because of the work of the MATS. Correlation and causation aren’t the same thing.

  2. Good that MPs are investigating, but this should have been done long before now. Two years ago, the NAO warned about financial risks to the DfE re academies. The year before in Jan 2013, the Academies Commission highlighted concerns including the rapid growth of some MATs (something Gove encouraged).  NAO warned in 2010 there were potential conflicts of interest in the academy system  In 2008, Price WaterHouse Cooper’s report on academies was not a whole-hearted endorsement: PWC pointed out that when schools (academies and non-academies) improved, they used similar methods which had nothing to do with academy conversion. 
    Deception about academies has been going on since they first began.   It was a dereliction of politicians’ duty to taxpayers to promote this system so enthusiastically without asking pertinent questions.

  3. Nairb1 Exactly.  When PWC investigated academies in 2008 when admittedly there weren’t many, they discovered that when schools improved they used similar methods which had nothing to do with academy status.  And Ofsted found the success of the London Challenge was not founded on academy conversion (although later spin by Gove etc said it was).

  4. idontbelieveit!

    With some of the recent news stories on Academies, maybe MATS should stand for ‘making a tidy sum’!

  5. LiterateCynic

    SchoolsImprove GOOD! Amazed nobody’s making more noise about this whole government MAT scam. #CentralControl #ChoiceWhatChoice?

  6. idontbelieveit! I agree.  But your use of exclamation marks would be deemed ‘not creditworthy’ but those who devised the assessment sheets for Key Stage 2 tests!  Not to worry, though, Shakespeare would also have failed.

  7. TW

    Camouflage. A way for useless M.P.s to support academisation by reviewing tiny bits of the whole.  If they were worth being paid anything at all they would be condemning the entire experiment and demanding the government recover the public money that it has wasted.

  8. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove One might suggest that the horse has bolted on this issue; interesting that they aren’t looking in to finances of MATs…

  9. MAW1912

    SchoolsImprove But surely they’re all brilliant…otherwise why would we be forcing all schools to become one? Surely evidence based? #not

  10. EnterpriseMeryl

    SchoolsImprove and boy do they need investigating – shocking takes from employees leave performing primaries with happy kids & staff alone

  11. Alan OSullivan

    Janet2 Harris Federation needs investigating as Anti-Academies Alliance has highlighted in the past. Dodgy HMI inspections?

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