Motoring experts call for driving lessons to be part of the school curriculum

The Mirror is reporting that motoring experts are calling for driving lessons to be part of the school curriculum – in a bid to save up to 400 lives a year.

The latest research shows that one in five new drivers in the UK is involved in an accident within six months of passing their test.

Schemes to get youngsters driving at school elsewhere in Europe have resulted in a 40% reduction in accidents among novice drivers.

Yesterday a petition calling for driving lessons on the curriculum was launched by Young Driver organisation. It has been signed by the RAC, Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Association of British Insurers.

Teaching teenagers motoring skills even before they start taking lessons at 17 could make them safer drivers, lead to fewer accidents and bring down insurance premiums…

They do not want the driving age lowered but for teenagers to have some motoring knowledge by the time they come to take lessons. This can be via lessons in the classroom about safety, speed and awareness plus behind the wheel at specifically designed test areas…

More at: Should children should start to learn driving while still at school?


You can see the petition at: Save lives by introducing driving and road safety into the school curriculum


As a parent with two children moving rapidly towards driving age these statistics are pretty worrying and I can see some merit in the idea being proposed here. 

However, adding yet another responsibility onto schools seems less of a good idea, but what do you think? Worth considering? Let us know why/why not….


Should driving and road safety be part of the school curriculum?


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  1. What goes around, comes around.  Both schools I taught in offered STEP – School Traffic Education Programme (I think).  That was 35 years ago.

  2. Whenever anyone suggests adding something to the school curriculum:  driving, sex ed, extremism, life skills, .., we should ask them what they would like us to leave out.

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