Mother undergoes emergency surgery in school car park after her Mercedes rolls forward and runs her over

The Mirror is reporting that a mother was forced to undergo emergency surgery in a high school car park after her Mercedes car suddenly started rolling forward – and ran her over.

Sonali Simpson, 42, was collecting her daughter from class when her vehicle moved forward, knocking her over and crushing her underneath the front wheels.

An air ambulance was called to the scene, where doctors carried out life-saving surgery on the optician in front of shocked parents and students.

Ms Simpson was then rushed to hospital with multiple rib fractures, a collapsed lung and blood in her chest, as well as other fractures to her body caused by the wheels.

Today, the mother, from Porthcawl, South Wales, described her survival as ‘lucky’…

Shortly after the incident, medics from the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service Cymru (EMRTS) – dubbed the ‘flying doctors’ – arrived in the school car park.

They chose to treat Ms Simpson on the spot rather than risk moving her to hospital.

Ms Simpson received blood and anaesthetic – and also underwent surgery to make a hole in the left side of her chest to relieve the pressure that had led to her lung collapsing.

Doctors say the procedure would have been ‘routine’ on a patient in hospital, but performing it in a car park was something ‘quite new’…

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Nightmare but well done to the medics who managed to take care of Ms Simpson in the school car park – amazing work – just a good job it wasn’t a child who was crushed.


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