Mother pictured drinking lager at the school gates as she waits to pick up her children

The mother was photographed by a furious fellow parent, also waiting outside Macaulay Primary Academy, in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, perched on railing with a can of lager in one hand and a cigarette in the other. This is from the Daily Mail…

The photograph also drew the condemnation of the school’s headteacher Julie Saunders who said she has since spoken to the parents involved.

She said: ‘Clearly this is not the sort of thing we want to see outside the school; it is not a good example. It is the first time this has happened. I have spoken to the parents about it and have had a positive response.

‘If there are any more reports like this, I shall be speaking to the PCSOs for the area.’

Mrs Saunders highlighted the rules for parents dropping off and collecting children from the school, adding: ‘I do not allow smoking on our site and I have a code of conduct for parents because they come into the school.

‘There is a level of behaviour which is not accepted. We do not allow smoking and there is no shouting or swearing or physical abuse and parents are not allowed to come in under the influence of drink or drugs.’

North East Lincolnshire Councillor Ian Lindley, said that the mother’s behaviour sends out the wrong kind of message to children at the school.

He said: ‘We don’t like to dictate to parents about smoking and drinking, but they have to be reasonable where they do it.

‘We are always trying to promote healthy lifestyles, particularly with children.

‘Drinking in public, which we see a lot of on the West Marsh, is a difficult issue.

‘All we can do is try to discourage people because it sends out the wrong message to young people that it is somehow socially acceptable.’…

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Does this story paint a picture that you recognise from your own experiences? How do you feel about handing over children to parents who have already been drinking before collecting them? Have you managed to do anything to change the situation? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. Brixtonite

    SchoolsImprove I’m shocked you’re plugging this Daily Mail non-story. Awful to see that woman demonised. Who knows what issues at play.

  2. Brixtonite

    SchoolsImprove And you’re spreading the story? Horrible. And don’t RT these please. Don’t want to add to this bullying.

  3. Brixtonite

    SchoolsImprove Don’t make out I’m not concerned about children. Individual schools perfectly capable of dealing with rare examples of…

  4. SchoolsImprove

    Brixtonite Absolutely not having a go at you but I know several heads where this is very real issue and solutions often not obvious…

  5. Brixtonite

    SchoolsImprove Absolutely no issue discussing it in abstract. Where you crossed the line is plugging that story about an individual. Wrong.

  6. Jan_Rush

    SchoolsImprove why does this make into the national press & why retweet it? Parent makes mistake & other patent bullies them is real story

  7. There’s some criticism of carrying this story today…
    On reflection I’m not sure whether it is right or not to do so. 
    I know the reality of handing over children to parents who have been drinking alcohol or taking drugs is a very real concern for many teachers and heads in certain areas and therefore to me it raises the issue for debate.
    The original article shows a photo and I suspect this photo will shock many DM readers and may raise concern about the situations some children might be living in. 
    And I hate the idea of children being raised this way.
    However, I also appreciate the comments that showing the photo of one individual, about whom we know nothing, is perhaps very unfair on her.
    I am therefore removing the link to the original article and photo and hope the broader issue of what schools can do in situations like this can be discussed.

  8. SchoolsImprove

    Jan_Rush I know it is a genuine and very real issue in some schools which I feel deserves debate but I acknowledge concerns about the ..

  9. Jan_Rush

    SchoolsImprove the issue is very real I agree, but a parent reporting another parent to the daily mail is not the answer, IMO

  10. RosGodson

    SchoolsImprove; re mum drinking lager at school gate. May be safeguarding issue; ask the school nurse to look into it.Unite_CPHVA #snsome

  11. mregan63

    SchoolsImprove Are we also going to tackle parents who have a bottle of wine over lunch which is equally irresponsible.but not as blatant?

  12. mregan63

    Do you not realise that there are also a tiny minority of the chattering classes picking up kids from school after having wine and cocktails in trendy winebars? How do you recommend we tackle that? Or is out of site also out of mind.?

  13. mregan63

    Do you not realise that there are also a tiny minority of the chattering
    classes picking up kids from school after having wine and cocktails in
    trendy winebars? How do you recommend we tackle that? Or is out of sight
    also out of mind.?  This smacks of pure snobbery. The woman hasnt
    broken the law. Anyone who knows me will teastify that I have always
    deplored children having to watch their parents getting tanked up but it
    never made the headlines when the parents drink at sporting events and
    kids’ birthday parties

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