This mother cared so much about her children’s education she decided to open her own school

WalesOnline are reporting that Esma Izzidien’s children were so happy at the Montessori parent and toddler group she set up in 2014 that she expanded it to a nursery the following year – and in September she opens the first Montessori primary in Wales.

The £4,500 a year Cardiff Montessori School, which emphasises learning through doing, will run from new, extended premises for pupils up to nine years old at the recently renovated east wing of Insole Court in Llandaff.

“Once I could see how much Montessori was doing for my children I could not bear to send them any where else. They have been my driving force,” said Esma.

The school, which is registered with inspectorate body Estyn and will follow the national curriculum , will have a nursery of 32 children and two classes of 16 – one for pupils aged four to six and one for ages six to nine. 

“Each pupil has an individual learning plan and are given responsibility and the chance to do things themselves,” said former Radyr Comprehensive pupil Esma.

“For example, if they want to go on a school trip they have to organise it with older children encouraged to talk on the phone to find out what is open.”

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  1. The first Montessori free school in England, the Discovery New School, closed after weak teaching and unqualified teachers were criticised by Ofsted.  Those who opened the school also claimed they were offering a better type of education.
    The nursery section of the Cardiff schools is registered with Montessori Schools UK which accredits UK Montessori schools.  Discovery New School wasn’t accredited and Montessori Schools UK had expressed concern to the DfE about the free school when it was being set up.  The Cardiff school, therefore, will stand a better chance of success than the English free school if it becomes accredited. 
    That said, the headline implies that parents who really care about their children’s education set up their own schools.  We’ve heard that propaganda in England for some time now and it isn’t true.  Parents don’t have to set up schools to prove they care for their children.

  2. Busy Mum

    Janet2 Busy Mum Not sure what your point is. I was trying to point out that this woman is being lauded for doing what home-educators do i.e. take control of their child’s education rather than leave it to an (inept) government.

  3. Busy Mum Janet2 Point is that home-educators, which you appear to be claiming ‘care’ for their children more than parents who ‘leave it to an (inept) government’, may be hiding abuse behind educating their children at home.
    That said, there’s a whiff of smug one-upmanship in your implied claim that the tiny, tiny proportion of parents who choose to home-educate and an even tinier proportion who set up schools are demonstrating more ‘care’ than the vast majority who do not.

  4. Busy Mum

    Janet2 Busy Mum Judging from the recent report about dozens of children being excluded from school for sex offences, it seems that children are more likely to be abused by their peers at school than by their parents at home….and I do not home educate, by the way, so why would I suggest that those parents who choose to do so ‘care’ about their children more than I do? It is this headline that is making that claim – claiming that this woman setting up a school cares more than parents who home educate…and more than those who don’t…anyone would think she has done something amazing when she hasn’t…hundreds of people have set up schools over the years, and far more altruistically because they have done it for other children, not their own!

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