‘Most graduates in non-graduate jobs’, says CIPD

The BBC is reporting that the majority of UK university graduates are working in non-graduate jobs with over-qualification at “saturation point”.

Overall, 58.8% of graduates are in jobs deemed to be non-graduate roles, according to HR industry body, the CIPD. 

It said the number of graduates had now “significantly outstripped” the creation of high-skilled jobs.

The CIPD said the report’s findings should be a “a wake-up call”.

“The assumption that we will transition to a more productive, higher-value, higher-skilled economy just by increasing the conveyor belt of graduates is proven to be flawed,” said Peter Cheese, chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

The report found the issue was leading to “negative consequences” including employers requesting degrees for traditionally non-graduate roles despite no change to the skills needed for the role.

As a result, it found graduates were now replacing non-graduates in roles and taking jobs where the demand for graduate skills was either non-existent or falling…

More at: ‘Most graduates in non-graduate jobs’, says CIPD


So we are encouraging young people to take on £50k of debt to end up with jobs that have no need for the skills they are learning – are we sure this is a good idea everyone?


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove There are and have always been only so many graduate jobs in the country. This should not shock anyone

  2. brighton118

    SchoolsImprove – It has taken them this long to come come to that statement ! Durrr as H Simpson would say.

  3. a_glass_jar

    SchoolsImprove it really upsets me when son was choosing his GCSEs, only direction preached, 2do a degree, university is not only pathway!

  4. The promise that a degree will gain access to a good, well-paid job is a myth.  This will only worsen as equally well qualified workers elsewhere in the world will do the same job much cheaper.  (See ‘The Global Auction: the broken promises of education, jobs and incomes”  http://ukcatalogue.oup.com/product/9780199731688.do)

  5. VictoriaJaquiss

    I believe it was that nicely electable Tony Blair who wanted 50% children to attend an institution, by its very nature designed for the top 15% (or whatever) academically. Indeed, heaping pointless debts on so many and sending out message that non-university is less. Leaving our graduates unhappy in jobs they feel are beneath them, with unrealistic expectations of what they can and should do. How can we get politicians to keep their noses out of education?

  6. University should be viewed differently as part of personal development.  It shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as something you do at 18 but something which can be picked up later as part of life-long learning.  It’s time for honesty – leaving uni with a £50,000 debt isn’t a career guarantee.  And if companies really want graduates then they should perhaps sponsor potential employees through uni.

  7. a_glass_jar SchoolsImprove That’s because schools are judged on how many pupils they send to uni, particularly Russell Group.  This may not be in the best interest of many pupils.

  8. TW

    Another NuLab imbecility.  Why would increasing the supply of possibly variable quality graduates be supposed to lead to a demand for them?  Just another NuLab stunt to distract attention from their utter failure to have a proper policy for industry – shameless imbeciles.

  9. trevorbolton15

    If most graduates are in non-graduate jobs, why is there still a large earnings premium for degree holders? C’mon CIPD!

  10. rositastef

    SchoolsImprove CIPD Graduates R part of the whole eduction process 4 our future generations All should have choices 4 further education

  11. rositastef

    SchoolsImprove CIPD Even graduate status4 non academic careers obtained thru Colleges/Apprenticeships?
    Create fulfilled citizens

  12. KironReid

    SchoolsImprove CIPD parents & prospective students take note & evaluate the statistics on graduates v real graduate /professional jobs

  13. brianlightman

    SchoolsImprove This highlights how important it is to raise understanding that university is not the right route for everyone.

  14. MrJDexter

    brianlightman SchoolsImprove and that the limited range of non academic qual’s available for schools is an issue

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