More than a quarter of schools fail to teach RE to teenagers

The Times is reporting a survey which suggests more than one in four schools is failing in its legal duty to offer religious education to GCSE students…

The subject has been “edged out” of schools by government reforms and students are losing out, said the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education.

It surveyed teachers at 580 schools and found that 26 per cent were offering little or no RE to pupils aged 14 to 16. One in eight schools was also failing to teach RE to 11 to 14-year-olds.

State schools must teach RE to under-16s, whether they are studying for a GCSE in the subject or not. Among state community schools — those under local council control — a third are not meeting their duty to offer RE to GCSE pupils, according to the survey. In academies without a religious ethos this figure was 35 per cent, and in grammar schools it was 29 per cent.

The lowest level of RE provision found was in academies, which are currently attended by 54 per cent of England’s 3.2 million secondary age students.

A fifth of community schools and academies without a religious character have also seen a cut in numbers of specialist RE staff, the survey suggests, while 14 per cent of faith schools have seen a reduction.

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Is your/your child’s school teaching RE to all its under-16s? If not, what’s the reasoning behind that? Please give us your insights in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. GemmaLettington

    SchoolsImprove this should be so important, what other subject allows students the freedom2develop tolerance &independence?!

  2. iantindal

    GemmaLettington SchoolsImprove History, Science, Philosophy, Art… I wish they would drop RE and give more time to other subjects.

  3. FionaTipper

    djoddsox SchoolsImprove full course runs if there is sufficient interest, but its quite a small school so there is rarely enough interest

  4. SarahCTE

    BrowneKen SchoolsImprove More like evidence that schools prioritise subjects that move them up the league tables! RS not in #EBacc.

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