More than 2,700 ‘unteachable’ children have been suspended from school at least 10 times in the past year with one pupil barred from the classroom 63 times

Bullying, drug-taking and violence towards teachers were among the reasons that almost 3000 ‘unteachable’ children were suspended from school at least ten times last year. The Daily Mail reports

Theft, ­racism and sexual misconduct were also highlighted as reasons for expulsions and suspensions in Department of Education stats released under Freedom of Information laws.

Shockingly, 1,170 pupils had ten or more exclusions in 2016 according to the figures that show that misbehaving is on the increase. 

Speaking to The Mirror, Christopher McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said that these ‘unteachable’ children cannot be taught in a normal school environment. 

A Department for Education spokesman said great strides had been taken helping teachers tackle poor behaviour in schools despite the fact that in the past five years the number of students suspended has risen by 37,000, from 146,000 to 183,000. 

Tight budgets and the lack of specialised means of dealing with children with more specific requirements stemming from conditions like autism have also placed further strain on teachers. 

Teachers often cannot cope with a learning disability and misunderstand it for misbehavior, leading to more exclusions. 

Read more More than 2,700 ‘unteachable’ children have been suspended from school at least 10 times in the past year with one pupil barred from the classroom 63 times

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  1. Anonymous

    Don’t celebrate tough authoritarian regimes in schools and then be alarmed when they behave in a tough authoritarian way. Many of the government’s celebrity ‘no excuses’ headteachers are lacking basic skills in managing pupil behaviour and encouraging pupils to behave well. ‘Tough’ is a synonym for ‘inadequate.’ The right-wing authoritarian extremists aren’t on the march only in Hungary! They’re coming to a school near you soon … they might already be in charge and ruthlessly getting rid of any non-conformist of any type … suspended for wearing the wrong shade of socks … follow it through to any dissent branded as ‘enemy of the people.’

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