More school leavers should get jobs and work their way up instead of leaving university with £50,000 debts, Education Secretary warns

Daily Mail is reporting that more school leavers should join companies and work their way up from the shop floor instead of taking a degree, the Education Secretary says.

Damian Hinds believes three years’ experience at entry level can be just as valuable as university, as it fosters a deep ‘understanding of the craft’.

Workers can earn while they learn rather than being saddled with up to £50,000 of debt at university.

Mr Hinds’s father started out as an apprentice pharmacist aged 17 and worked his way up to a senior role at what is now Glaxosmithkline.

Mr Hinds yesterday launched a campaign to make sixth formers and their parents aware of the opportunities his new apprenticeships afford.

The firms involved usually recruit graduates. They include Siemens, Capgemini, Ernst & Young, Lloyds Bank, Glaxosmithkline, Coca-Cola, PwC, IBM and Nestle.

Mr Hinds said many pupils still thought university was the only route, which he called a ‘one-track thought’. He added: ‘We have to change perceptions. In the past few years there really has been this renaissance in apprenticeships.’

Apprenticeships are partly funded via a levy on firms.

Read more here More school leavers should get jobs and work their way up instead of leaving university with £50,000 debts, Education Secretary warns

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  1. Anonymous

    Will Mr Hinds be saying the same thing to his own children. The middle class always come up with great ideas for the rest of us to follow whilst they go down different routes themselves. I think it is dangerous to emphasise the debt element of going to university as we already know that lots of clever working class kids who should go to university do not because of the debt. The facts still suggest that you earn on average a lot more over your lifetime if you have a degree. Comprehensive schools are also a great idea Mr Hinds, although for some reason not for MPs children, funny that!

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