More primary school test results quashed due to ‘cheating’

Almost 600 primary school pupils had test results cancelled or downgraded last year because of cheating in the exams hall and mistakes by teachers, according to an official report. This is from the Telegraph

Figures show a sharp rise in the number of schools reported to the Government’s Standards and Testing Agency following cases of “maladministration” in 2012.

Pupils can see results lowered or written off altogether for any act that could jeopardise the “integrity, security or confidentiality” of the tests, schools have been warned.

Cases typically include papers being opened early, teachers assisting pupils in the exam hall, cheating by children themselves or changes being made to scripts after the test.

The report showed that 370 cases were reported in 2012, up from 292 in 2011 – a 26.7 per cent rise.

The figures cover all primary school tests, including Sats exams taken in English and maths by 11-year-olds and the Government’s new phonics reading check for six-year-olds. It also covers “Level 6” tests for the brightest 11-year-olds.

The overall rise in maladministration was partly down to an increase in the number of phonics test cases reported, the STA suggested.

More than three-quarters of cases of maladministration in Sats tests happened while the papers were being taken, the report shows.

This included 94 cases of test administrators “over-aiding” children, up from 91 in 2011 and 28 cases of children cheating, compared with 25 in 2011.

In total, 584 pupils had their results changed or annulled last year, the report said, although this was less than 0.1 per cent of pupils who took part in the Sats tests.

A breakdown of the figures shows that 399 pupils at 20 schools had their English and/or maths results cancelled.

Six schools had exams taken by their entire cohort of 11-year-olds annulled, compared with seven the year earlier.

The disclosure follows warnings by teachers’ leaders that staff are increasingly being forced to cheat the exams system by inflating pupils’ results to hit “unrealistic” targets.

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  1. mrpeel

    SchoolsImprove sadly utterly believable due to pressures to perform and rise up those tables. Know of one case a few years ago. Worrying.

  2. What are these tests used for? Largely government stats so 0.1% is almost certainly less than any statistical error in the figures. So why waste money on it at all?

  3. Ingotian

    SchoolsImprove less than 0.1 per cent so less than the overall measurement uncertainty. Journalists show they are maths challenged – again.

  4. weabod

    Probably some poor staff journalist trying to deliver the goods for an impatient editor. Journalists and statistics? That is ‘oh dear’ territory.

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