More graduates to be offered large sum to train as maths teachers

Bounty payments of £20,000 to trainee maths teachers are to be extended in an attempt to widen the pool of high quality applicants seeking a career in teaching. This is from the Times…

The bounty, already open to entrants with a first in maths, is to be offered to those with a 2:1 who pass screening by the learned societies that run the scheme for the Department for Education.

Successful candidates will receive a tax-free payment of £20,000 if they sign up to train as maths teachers. They will keep the money even if they quit before entering the classroom.

Applicants will be recruited and screened by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), the London Mathematical Society (LMS) and the Royal Statistical Society (RSS).

About 150 graduates will be awarded maths scholarships for the next academic year. In addition to qualifying as teachers they will have access to professional support from their sponsoring mathematical societies plus benefits such as free access to journals, conferences and events. Nigel Steele, honorary secretary for education at the IMA, said: “The scholarship scheme designed by the IMA, on behalf of its collaborating bodies, will attract highly qualified graduates and career-changers who might not otherwise have considered teaching as a career.”

Although 2,500 graduates entered teacher training in maths this year, down from 3,000 last year, there are shortages of teachers in maths and the sciences. The payments mirror similar deals struck between the Government and professional bodies to run teacher training scholarships for physicists, chemists and computer scientists.

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