More Children ‘Arriving At School Hungry’

Almost 90% of teachers have seen a rise in the number of children arriving at school hungry, according to a new survey. This is from Sky News

The poll of nearly 2,000 working teachers found more than 85% had reported such an increase in the last two years.

Some teachers revealed they had brought food from home to feed struggling students, while children have also been found stealing from the dining hall and from their classmates’ plates, according to the study by the Daily Mirror.

The study, carried out alongside the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the Child Poverty Action Group, also reported vulnerable students arriving for school in dirty uniforms or wearing clothes so threadbare they were unsuitable for cold weather.

Nearly all teachers said there had also been a steady rise in parents who were unable to afford to send their children on school trips…

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Do the findings of this poll ring true with your own experiences? Are you seeing more hungry children now than before? What is the process for dealing with situations like this you encounter at school and is there a formal reporting system?

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  1. MinoHedgehog

    SchoolsImprove how disheartening…, hunger is the enemy of education and learning. What can be done? Such a terrible waste

  2. Glaister_hhs

    SchoolsImprove yes, I feed quite a few everyday, costs me a fortune, I think most teachers have given up their lunch for pupil at some pt.

  3. EricBurrows

    SchoolsImprove eveningnew Britain reaching Tory targets again Now No, 1 in number of hungry kids at school in the West

  4. Soarpoints

    Glaister_hhs SchoolsImprove there is absolutely *no* reason for teachers go give up their own money for pupils with the advent of PP

  5. Soarpoints

    Glaister_hhs SchoolsImprove please see your bursar or head – identify who is in need & use PP to feed & nourish the pupils you are helping

  6. MaeveBeg

    apryl_bounce Feel so strongly about this – hungry children cannot learn or thrive or access learning.Rumbley tums do not a happy child make

  7. eveningnew

    EricBurrows SchoolsImprove Sadly the Tories think this is propaganda.How bad, local teacher given stale bread 2 make kids toast!

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