Modern life damaging infant brains, charity warns

The BBC is reporting warnings from a charity suggesting that overuse of baby equipment and electronic screens can impede the physical and emotional development of under-threes…

What About The Children? (Watch?) says modern lifestyles could be harming infant brains.

It highlights strapping small children into pushchairs, and the increased use of smartphones and tablets as being particularly damaging.

It says these could have an impact in later life.

Watch? promotes the importance of secure attachment in the early years and the vital role that loving care plays in brain development.

It is holding a conference in London today focused on how the first three years of life shape a child’s emotional, physical and mental health “forever”.

It will highlight the importance of the physical interaction and social engagement between small children and “consistent, loving carers”.

The charity says it is particularly concerned about the impact of modern lifestyles on the brain development of babies and toddlers.

Sally Goddard Blythe, director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, is speaking at the conference.

“Social interaction helps physical development, for example eye contact, singing and talking. That is not happening if a child is in a forward-facing buggy and her mum is using her smartphone,” she said.

“Infants need opportunity for free movement and exploration whether that is tummy time, cuddling or rough play.

“Attention, balance and co-ordination skills learned during the first 36 months of life support cognitive learning and have been linked to school performance later.”

Another contributor, June O’Sullivan, from the London Early Years Foundation, stresses the importance of relationships…

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Do you agree with these sentiments and have concerns over aspects of modern life and their impact on young children, or do you see this as a kind of scare-mongering? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. willott333

    SchoolsImprove did this take an expert to work out?! Its all a boy moderation but so many young kids have computers etc in their rooms 1/2

  2. willott333

    SchoolsImprove 2/2 they never socialise and just because they seem entertained and quiet parents/carers allow this to happen.

  3. AlfredoGozho

    SchoolsImprove -particularly television & computer games that hinders creativity, stunting the child’s ego growth & maturity.

  4. Shothombre

    AlfredoGozho SchoolsImprove Games & computers made my boys more mature & creative. My son is going to be an engineer due to a video game.

  5. AlfredoGozho

    Shothombre SchoolsImprove my comment is based on my understanding of child development, importance of creativity & symbolism.

  6. Shothombre

    AlfredoGozho SchoolsImprove So is mine. You have to understand that the technology you mentioned can be a tool for creativity too.

  7. AlfredoGozho

    Shothombre SchoolsImprove that’s your view & I have asserted mine…We can disagree which is absolutely fine!!!

  8. Shothombre

    AlfredoGozho SchoolsImprove No need to get upset. #behappy If we learn from each other we can improve our schools.

  9. AlfredoGozho

    Shothombre SchoolsImprove. I’m laughing out loud!!!! I’m sorry twitter fights are not my thing, I don’t get that low! Cheers 4 the tweets

  10. AlfredoGozho

    Shothombre SchoolsImprove YOU are telling the that! Have a thorough look at my profile. I simply refuse to lower myself 2where you want me

  11. Shothombre

    AlfredoGozho SchoolsImprove lol I absolutely would never try to get someone to lower themselves. I think Improvement was the topic.

  12. AlfredoGozho

    Shothombre SchoolsImprove … Likewise, apart from your suggestion that I was upset & should be happy… Really!!!! You need to chill out

  13. Shothombre

    AlfredoGozho SchoolsImprove Ha ha WOW you are intense. Have a great day. This is where it ends for me. #techunleashed #lovinglife

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