Ministers give green light to expansion of University Technical College scheme

The Independent is reporting that a major expansion of the scheme to set up University Technical Colleges for 14 to 18-year-olds has been given the green light by ministers…

…Six new UTC’s and five new studio schools – which offer a similar curriculum but are on a smaller scale – have been approved by Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The new drive means a total of 50 UTCs and 46 studio schools have now been approved – and the latest batch will increase the number of students taught in them by 45,000.

They include the Global Academy in London which will offer places to 800 students and specialise in preparing them for working in the creative, technical and digital media and entrepreneurship.

Major employers who are backing the scheme – and sponsoring colleges – include Network Rail, the National Space Centre and the James Dyson Foundation…

In addition, the Government approved 10 new free schools – bringing the total number approved to 299.

More at: Ministers give green light to expansion of University Technical College scheme

We reported an article in November suggesting the programme was possibly being scaled back over fears of low numbers attending and another in October claiming differences between Lord Baker and Michael Gove over vocational education. Does this news tell us any more about their status? Please let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Janet2

    We keep being told we’re in austerity but there seems to be money for Govt pet schemes.  The are 17 UTCs already and everyone is funded for more pupils than they have (Hansard 6 January 2014).  It could be argued that many are new therefore they’re being funded for more pupils than are on roll  because of new equipment etc.  But JCB Academy (funded for 478 pupils but only has 440) was opened under Labour.

    Oddly, the JCB Academy has never had a full Ofsted inspection.  It received a monitoring inspection in January 2012.  Even more oddly, Ofsted designated the academy as a “Closed” school.

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