Ministers force U-turn on plans to scrap minority language qualifications

The TES is reporting that ministers have pledged pupils will continue to be able to study “community languages” such as Panjabi, Polish and Turkish at GCSE and beyond.

Back in March, both the AQA and OCR exam boards said they were considering scrapping a range of A-levels and GCSEs in the languages including Bengali, modern Hebrew, Dutch and Portuguese.

The boards said they were forced to make the cuts, due by 2017, because of low or declining entry levels and a shortage of the experienced examiners needed to set and mark papers.

But ministers demanded that the boards reconsider the decision and schools minister Nick Gibb has today announced that the Department for Education is working with the awarding bodies and Ofqual to ensure that these languages are still taught in the classroom…

…Mr Gibb said “In an outward-facing country such as Britain, it is important that we have high-quality qualifications not just in French, German and Spanish but also in languages such as Polish, Bengali, Gujarati, Panjabi and Turkish.”

More at: Ministers force U-turn on plans to scrap minority language qualifications


Sounds like the right move to me – do you agree? Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. garrodt

    SchoolsImprove More important is Quality in English.
    Have you listened to young talk & seen their spelling !! Atrocious would be an A+

  2. amirshah316

    SchoolsImprove Unfortunately this is happening in areas with high bi-lingual pupils yet schools narrowly focus on 20th Century languages!

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