Miliband ‘should exert personal authority’ to guarantee futures of existing grammars

The Telegraph is reporting that Ed Miliband has been called upon to personally guarantee the status of grammar schools if he became prime minister…

Robert McCartney, the chairman of the National Grammar Schools Association, sent a public letter to the Labour leader calling on him to give his “personal assurance” that he “will do nothing to threaten or undermine the existing grammar schools”…

Speaking on behalf of the 164 grammar schools in England and 68 in Northern Ireland, Mr McCartney added: “I do hope you can exert your personal authority within the Labour Party to guarantee their status under a future government led by you as prime minister.”

The letter was published as a new ComRes poll found 39 per cent of respondents believe the Labour leader will close the remaining grammar schools.

Half of respondents said they would support the opening of new grammar schools, while just one in ten oppose them…

More at: Miliband ‘should exert personal authority’ to keep grammars


Do you think the Labour Party ought to make clear its position on existing grammar schools ahead of the election?

And do you think there is a realistic prospect of them shutting them down?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Graham Brady MP said in the article, “This new poll demonstrates the public’s overwhelming support for grammar schools.

    The poll by ComRes did not show overwhelming support.  The poll asked the same question about support for increasing number of grammar schools twice in the same poll.  The first answer showed 53% support, 25% oppose and 22% don’t know.  The second answer showed 50% support, 27% oppose and 23% don’t know.

    It’s unclear why some responders changed their mind in the same poll but one thing is clear: support isn’t as overwhelming as the pro-grammar lobby make out.

    Graham Brady debated the subject with Melissa Benn recently.  He lost on both occasions:

    The ComRes poll is here:

  2. grammarfactchecker

    That isn’t the same poll Janet. This one was carried out in April and hasn’t been published on the Comres site yet. 

    Actual results here:

    The poll, carried out by ComRes, finds
    half (51 per cent) of the British public support the opening of new grammar
    schools, while just one in ten (10 per cent) oppose them.

    One half (48 per cent) think grammar
    schools give less privileged young people a chance to succeed, while fewer than
    one in five (13 per cent) think they are bad for social mobility.

    And in an additional blow to those who
    claim grammar schools only help those who are privileged already, one half (46
    per cent) of working class (C2DE social grades) respondents think grammars are
    good for social mobility while only one in ten (10 per cent) do not.

    More than half (52 per cent) believe the
    ban on opening new grammar schools in areas that do not have any harms parental

    58 per cent think selective schools help to drive up educational

    Twice as many British adults say they
    are more likely to vote for a party that promises to bring back grammar schools
    than say they are less likely to do so (20 per cent and 10 per cent respectively).

    Three in ten (29 per cent)Ukip supporters would be more likely to vote
    for another party if that party pledged to bring back grammars.

  3. TW

    Miliband should give a personal assurance that he will personally guarantee that anyone owning a British national newspaper
    is a British citizenresides in Britainpay his/her full whack of British taxeswill not be allowed to use their ‘news’ paper for sectarian propaganda

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