Mike Tomlinson: Controversial Al Hijrah school should be bulldozed

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that Birmingham’s education commissioner has said a debt-riddled and dilapidating school in the city should be bulldozed and replaced with a new building.

The Birmingham Mail revealed in February how Al Hijrah School in Bordesley Green is £3 million in debt, while the building itself is crumbling.

The Islamic school was placed in special measures by Ofsted last year and its entire governing body was sacked after its financial troubles emerged…

Now education commissioner Sir Mike Tomlinson, who is working with Birmingham City Council to improve schools, said the building should be replaced.

It comes after plans by the council to relocate the school to a former office block in Small Heath was thwarted when the Department for Education revealed it would become the site for Perry Beeches V – a free school run by Birmingham “super head” Liam Nolan set to open in September.

Sir Mike said: “I think there is no need for a new site, but a new building would be the ideal situation.”

He could not confirm how the building would be funded, adding: “This is a difficult situation to crack, it’s not going to be easy but that [a new building] is what we want.”

More at: Controversial Al Hijrah school should be bulldozed: Education chief


Any thoughts or insights into the latest developments here?

The school seems to have had more than its fair share of problems so does Sir Mike’s suggestion of a new building on the existing site sound like the right way to go?

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  1. TW

    Once again the government’s obsession with its crazy free school/academy rubbish obstructs school improvement.

  2. @TW And the wheels appear to be falling off the Perry Beeches bandwagon – the latest inspection of one of its free schools found it was Inadequate.

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