Migration-fuelled baby boom means almost ALL good secondary schools are now over-subscribed

The Daily Mail is reporting that almost all the best secondary schools in some areas are now over-subscribed as a baby boom fuelled by migration takes its toll.

A bulge in the pupil population has caused a places crisis in primary schools for many years – but now that problem is transferring to secondaries as the extra children get older.

FindASchool spokesman Dominic Blackburn said: ‘The data we collected shows an alarming trend that secondary schools are becoming increasingly difficult to secure a place at. The days of assuming you can just send your children to the best local school where they will get a place are over.”

Across the country, around 63 per cent of secondary schools which are rated either ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ by inspectors are oversubscribed.

Separate Department for Education (DfE) figures released in July suggest that the secondary school population is projected to continue increasing to 3.04 million by 2020, and peak at 3.33 million in 2025.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: ‘These figures do not paint the full picture as they do not take into account the new places that will be created in the future, nor the surplus places that are already available. 

More at: Migration-fuelled baby boom means almost ALL good secondary schools are now over-subscribed

Do you think that migration has caused the over-subscription? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter. ~ Sophie

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  1. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove Daily Mail blaming immigration yet again. How about blaming Gove, who prevented LAs from planning school places effectively?

  2. Nairb1

    One secondary school in my local area is outstanding. The others are Ofsted good and one is RI. The outstanding one is always over subscribed, has been for years. Re-drawing of the catchment area a couple of years ago by the school, now an academy, took in another affluent part of the community and carefully avoided the more disadvantaged communities. % of immigrants causing the over subscription problem. 0.65% of the school population. I guess that’s three pupils. I just hope the Daily Mail’s ‘Stirring Up Racism Wherever Possible’ Department doesn’t find out.

  3. DiLeed

    StarlightMcKenz SchoolsImprove DM can’t add up or read Census information apparently. Though I imagine they can really.

  4. little_mavis

    DiLeed The irony there is that including those would mean including some govt & famous figures who strongly oppose immigration now.

  5. MrPatelsawesome

    DiLeed SchoolsImprove surely this sort of hate fuelling propaganda is illegal. Why isn’t there a stats body challenging all of this?

  6. samshep

    SchoolsImprove There is nothing in your article about immigration, (& barely a link in the original) so why copy the nasty headline?

  7. samshep

    DiLeed SchoolsImprove The DM article is shocking in the absence of any link between migration and pressure on schools. Hate propaganda,

  8. DiLeed

    MrPatelsawesome SchoolsImprove You might well ask. It’s not hard to challenge. The DfE publishes a Pupil Characteristics doc every year.

  9. DiLeed

    samshep SchoolsImprove I imagine it’s entirely deliberate. The rebuttal is sitting on the DfE website. It’s not hard to read.

  10. MrPatelsawesome

    DiLeed SchoolsImprove but this is a huge newspaper – with all due respect we are the smallest voice of reason(question) on Twitter.

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