Middle Leadership in Primary Schools – How do I find my feet and make the role work for me?

Being elevated to the next level in schools is both exciting and nerve-racking. Either as an acknowledgement of your talents, a tick-box exercise by SLT or being given a ‘dead mouse’, becoming a middle leader is your first rung up the ladder. Nicole Ponsford, educational writer, editor, speaker and coach writes in Teachwire.

Many teachers I meet have been doing the ‘role’ before they were credited with it. This means you will have already given it some of your ‘style’ already – and may be winging it working it on a daily basis.

If you have inherited it, you may need a different approach. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Outcomes first

Ensure you know what the role is, and on what you are being measured/evaluated/assessed.

Are you trying to get the whole school reading? Are you to ensure that a whole-school approach to computing is key? Are you working across your MAT or a number of schools/ years?

This will help you work backwards and have a long term strategy.

2. Coach

You need someone to help you onto, and be with you on the rollercoaster. It doesn’t have to be your line manager (although that helps). As an Achievement Coach for Achievement for All, I know that having someone to reflect on your practice with is both empowering and inspirational.

The key is to talk – reach out – and learn.

4. Aim High

Want to do a school trip – go for it! But go big! I took my students to Los Angeles. It took a year and a half of car-washing and part-time work, but we did it.

Want to learn more – find out how this works at international levels. Look at PISA and OECD. Look at how universities and world experts are making an impact.

We have so much information at our finger tips – why wouldn’t you?

Read more tips for helping you into middle leadership Middle Leadership in Primary Schools – How do I find my feet and make the role work for me?

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