Michael Gove’s planned shake-up of A-levels ‘will lead to teachers being made redundant’

The Independent is reporting claims made at a conference that Michael Gove’s planned shake-up of A-levels will lead to teachers being made redundant…

Under the Government’s plans, AS-level marks will no longer count towards A-level grades. The exam is to be “decoupled” from A-levels and stand as a qualification in its own right.

As a result, far fewer students are expected to sit the exam – with colleges offering students the traditional three A-levels route to university instead of encouraging them to take four subjects to AS-level and then drop their weakest suit.

Mark Bramwell, in charge of sixth-form colleges at the Association of Colleges, told a conference in London: “The three A-level route will lead to staff redundancies.”

Many colleges, he said, had not yet decided how to react to the Government’s proposals – but a growing number had now indicated they would shift to the traditional three A-levels for students.

Andrew Parkin, principal of St Dominic’s Sixth-Form College in Harrow, north-west London, added: “We’re looking at a significant cut in our funding – as many of you (colleges) are at the end of 2016.”

Colleges would have to consider how to tackle examination costs in the face of budget shortfalls. One college estimated it was costing £180,000 to put all its students in for AS levels.

Mr Parkin added: “My view as a head is that we need a broad and balanced curriculum. We need to keep that as long as possible because I think it is right to give the students the opportunity to do a lot of different subjects.

“At present we offer 30 subjects and I want to keep that as long as we can afford to do so. However, there is lots of uncertainty and lots of anxiety amongst the staff with all the things that are happening…”

More at: Education Secretary Michael Gove’s planned shake-up of A-levels will lead to teachers being made redundant, a conference has heard.

Do you think the changes to A levels and the de-coupling of AS levels will result in fewer students taking a fourth subject in the sixth form? If so, will that have a knock on effect on staffing levels? More fundamentally, would an increase in the traditional three A=levels route be an unwelcome development for students? Please let us know what you think in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. diasporahighsch

    SchoolsImprove Experienced teachers over 50 stand little/no chance of finding permanent work again. Gove knee-jerking again!

  2. The_Data_Adonis

    SchoolsImprove based on efa funding regs 3 A levels likely to generate part time learner funding

  3. edujdw

    SchoolsImprove you have to admire Gove’s determination to wreck education completely. He’s a menace with a single track mind. DESTROY.

  4. sportmankayaker

    KevinBrennanMP SchoolsImprove We do need to make some Tough decisions. 2nd we need to provide real education for vulnerable to get jobs

  5. MrJDexter

    KevinBrennanMP SchoolsImprove also need delay to bring in all specs together +get content/assess correct; we can’t cope with adjusts later

  6. Dizziechezzie

    KevinBrennanMP SchoolsImprove I just don’t get it Kevin when will this gov accept mr gove hasn’t a clue #frustrating 🙁

  7. Meraud_Hand

    KevinBrennanMP SchoolsImprove Wow. Is it *always* about the money with Gove….? Hadn’t seen this as a cost-cutting exercise until now.

  8. ZCMRock

    “SchoolsImprove: Michael Gove’s planned shake-up of A-levels ‘will lead to teachers being made redundant’ ” Somehow, I don’t think he cares

  9. Ingotian

    SchoolsImprove #edchat more than 50% of the population won’t do A levels but will be in ed or training. Change needed not redundancies.

  10. Ingotian

    SchoolsImprove only teachers that deserve to be made redundant 😉 More jobs ‘ll be created than lost but on different things.

  11. SarahBlackIsle

    SchoolsImprove stand alone AS levels sound like a good idea. Cld open up opps 4 many? Feels more like Scottish system Gove experienced

  12. poachermullen

    SarahBlackIsle SchoolsImprove offers nothing beyond current system, though, and closes opp to continue to A2 if desired.

  13. Soarpoints

    SarahBlackIsle SchoolsImprove but it’s not at all new? There have always been stand-alone AS levels, no?

  14. TaviaAllan

    SchoolsImprove Impact will depend on funding rules. 3 A levels not enough under latest formula for most colleges unless put hours up

  15. SarahBlackIsle

    Soarpoints SchoolsImprove apologies. Live in Scotland. Understood from family members that AS 4 cohort heading 4 ‘A’ levels anyway.

  16. SarahBlackIsle

    poachermullen SchoolsImprove at the other end, the new technical quals alongside GSCE look good, yes?

  17. Soarpoints

    SarahBlackIsle not entirely sure what you meant – my pt only that you could always do a stand-alone AS

  18. SarahBlackIsle

    Soarpoints got impression that AS cohort were ‘A’ level cohort – i.e. the minority. Thinking areas where all 6th yrs in college

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