Michael Gove to write to every school on FGM after meeting campaigner Fahma Mohamed

The Telegraph is reporting that Michael Gove is to write to every school in the country about female genital mutilation, reminding headteachers of their duty to protect schoolgirls…

The minister pledged to act after meeting 17-year-old student campaigner Fahma Mohamed and praising her “inspirational work” against FGM, which is practiced in 28 African countries as well as some parts of Asia and the Middle East.

Mr Gove also agreed to consider how FGM education could be delivered in an age-appropriate way in classrooms, and promised to visit Mohamed at the City Academy Bristol, one of two schools in the country to run an FGM awareness project.

The Education Secretary said: “I was very pleased to meet Fahma Mohamed. She has been running an inspirational campaign. Fahma and her supporters have done fantastic work in raising awareness of female genital mutilation. It is a truly horrific crime. We must do everything we can to end it.

Mr Gove said guidance on keeping children safe would be sent out by Easter and would include material to enable teachers to tackle the subject of female genital mutilation.

He said the material would include statistics on the prevalence of FGM in the UK and abroad, factors which heighten the risk of a child becoming a victim of FGM and a reminder of the statutory duties of teachers and school staff to safeguard children.

His guidance will also carry links to expert advice from the NSPCC and information of ways to safeguard children.

Mr Gove said: “I will write to all headteachers to draw their attention to the updated schools safeguarding guidance and to reiterate that all teachers should familiarise themselves with it.

“I was interested to hear Fahma’s thoughts on training for teachers in this area and on how education about female genital mutilation can be made age appropriate. I have asked her to send me further evidence of good practice…

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