Michael Gove ‘refusing to back down over teachers’ strike’

According to the Telegraph, Michael Gove has written to England’s two biggest teaching unions to confirm that contentious reforms at the centre of recent strike action are ‘fixed’…

Michael Gove was put on a fresh collision course with England’s biggest classroom unions today after refusing to backtrack over controversial reforms to the teaching profession.

In a move that raises the possibility of further strike action, the Education Secretary insisted that the Government’s stance on pay and pensions was “fixed” and ruled out any possible changes.

The intervention comes just over a week after the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the NASUWT suspended a threatened walk-out before Christmas after revealing Mr Gove had agreed to formal talks…

In a letter to both unions on Wednesday, Mr Gove said he was committed to “resolving your trade disputes” and confirmed that he had “offered a programme of talks”.

But in provocative move, he insisted that the talks would focus on the “implementation of policy, given that the direction of policy on pay and pensions is fixed following full consultation”.

In a further intervention, Mr Gove also revealed that every other teaching association would be invited to the talks. This includes smaller classroom unions, two associations representing head teachers and even one non-union body – Edapt – that provides independent advice to teachers on personnel issues.

He said: “This will help ensure that all are represented fairly, and striking unions do not have any unfair advantage over other organisations which have not taken strike action.”…

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  1. inwte

    SchoolsImprove Teachers can keep action going until the 7.5.2015 after this there may be a more reasonable labour sec of state #govewillgo

  2. andylutwyche

    inwte SchoolsImprove Don’t bank on it – most MPs only look out for themselves & have little idea/background in what they’re tinkering with

  3. OllyFurnival

    SchoolsImprove Is David_Cameron having a laugh? Why does he allow this clown to rip the heart out of the most important profession?

  4. OldMajor4

    getcarter66 SchoolsImprove Utterly sick & tired of Gove. More miserable every day under Tories. He’s playing games & buying time. All out.

  5. sharpeleven

    SchoolsImprove What did you expect? Why do you think there such widespread disillusionment with politicians? #Gove epitomises this.

  6. andrew_1910

    SchoolsImprove Now there’s a surprise…Now how does one play the policy rather than the man on this bit of wilful misleading?

  7. BramRaider

    SchoolsImprove It is very simple: Gove/Cameron see this as their “Miner’s Strike” moment, ala Maggie Thatcher. They see it winning votes.

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